CMDRA Motorcycle Drag Racing School


Duration 1 hour.


Starting Time:

9:00 am Saturday on race weekends, confirm with the schedule on the events page for the race you plan on attending

Meeting Place:

After registering at the CMDRA booth, proceed to the Staging Lanes.


Instructors will explain basic Drag Racing Principles, including track layout, water box, the “tree”, courtesy staging, tech requirements, time slips, safety equipment, Rulebook, and a brief history of the CMDRA.

Staging and Test 'n' Tune:

Participants will proceed to the Staging Lanes and observe racers during the scheduled test n tune; question and answers are encouraged at this stage.

Sample Time Slip




The Tower:

A tour of the starting line and the tower (time and class size permitting) Then back to the staging lanes to observe 2 time trials with experienced Street or Superbike Racers from water box burnout, staging sequence, start and full-pass. Instructors will explain Pre-Stage, Stage, Launch, position of timing lights, Exits, Return Road, E.T. Shack, Scales

The First Pass:

Participants are now ready to make their first attempt at the “tree” and pass on a Drag Race Track.



It is the hope of the CMDRA and the Trev Deeley Foundation that the participants, having undergone instruction from the “pro’s” will come back for more, becoming part of the growing sport of Motorcycle Drag Racing at a fully sanctioned and safe race facility, and promote the sport, taking it “to the track” rather than the street.