Race School


To introduce the first time Motorcycle Drag Racer to the sport, with instruction by seasoned motorcycle drag racers. The 1st time racer will learn terminology, technical requirements, licencing requirements and more importantly race procedure in a safe and professional environment. The novice racer will graduate from these classes with a “full timed ¼ mile pass” on a professional track.

What is a Drag Race?

A drag race is an acceleration contest from a standing start between two motorcycles over a measured distance, either 1/8 or 1/4 mile. This contest is started by the activation of a ”tree” (an electronic timing device.) Upon leaving the starting line a contestant activates a timer in his or her lane which measures the racers progress throughout the length of the race to the finish line. This timing includes Reaction Time (how fast you leave the starting line) E.T. (elapsed time, the time between breaking the start beam and the finish beam) and the top speed of the bike.

Who can Drag Race?

Almost anyone can compete in drag racing. Racers are required to have a valid motorcycle riders licence and be a member of the CMDRA. Riders must be fully capable of the safe operation of a motorcycle, and the motorcycle must pass a technical inspection before being allowed on the track. Motorcycles must have good tires and brakes etc. Faster, and all-out race bikes and racers must meet more stringent requirements as outlined in the CMDRA Rulebook.


The Racer is responsible for the safety of both motorcycle and its operation. The Track operator’s responsibility is in providing a safe track and facility. The CMDRA produces a rulebook, which defines the conduct of the person (owner, racer and crew) who are allowed to use the track. Close observance to the Rulebook is fundamental to all persons involved in motorcycle drag racing.

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